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Global Ragga 1 (March 2006)


Global Groovology 1 (January 2005)


Space Traveller (November 2005) 


Tao Is Now (September 2004) 


Blue Lotus Dub (April 2004)




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Adrian is a producer, multi-instrumentalist & DJ who has played in several amazing bands over the years and is currently focusing on solo productions, DJing, remixes, and a few collaborations. He plays bass, guitar, melodica & laptop (the new almighty instrument).   He creates & spins many various types of music with elements of Dub, Global Beatz, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Glitch, Ambient, etc...

With his Bionic Love Soundsystem project he is working with players of sitar, tabla, bansuri, shakuhachi, oud, violin, congas & other instruments that are passionately woven into electronic dance music to create something new.  His debut full-length album, "EthnoSonicSUBfunk Theories" was released July 2008, and is available via & iTunes (see links below).  It explores breakbeats, dub, dancehall, & downtempo with instruments from India, Iraq, Tibet, Korea, & Japan.

Adrian began seriously collecting dance music & dj'ing around 1998.  Soon after, he found himself co-hosting two late night radio shows ("Roots Massive" and "MoonBass Alpha SoundSystem") in Olympia, Washington on KAOS 89.3 FM.  On these radio shows he played many styles of electronic music, always with an individual focus & passion for Dub & Global fusions.

During 2000-2002 Adrian performed  in the Seattle band Yoko Phono, a trio that used electronics & tabla that created middle-eastern fused Dub, Illbient & Drum n Bass.  In 2002 (to present) Adrian joined the Vancouver band Alchemy, which uses electronics, accordions, female vocals, & keys, featuring Dawn Zoe and  Patricia Kim.  Alchemy released a 6 song EP of downtempo electronica in 2004 (also on MySpace website link below).  From 2001-2004 Adrian also performed & composed with Patricia Kim in the project called Dojo.  

Adrian has performed at many large to small events, art gallery happenings, restaurants-cafes, & outdoor gatherings up & down the west coast, from Mexico to Canada. In 2007 he left on an epic globetrotting journey where he performed gigs on the beaches of Goa & Mumbai India, Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg & Krakow, as well as recording much of the “EthnosonicSUBfunk Theories”.  He has performed at large events such as the Oracle Gatherings (Seattle), Shambhala Music Festival, Get Freaky 2 (San Francisco), InVision Festival, Phoenix Festival, etc.   He has shared the stage with artists such as Freq Nasty, dj Lorin, Cheb I Sabbah, Kaya Project, Adham Shaikh, Bluetech, & many others.  In December 2008 he left BWB collective & lovely Vancouver BC to move to Hawaii & pursue an eternal summer!

Adrian makes music & performs because he loves to share music with people & make them dance, heal, integrate, vibrate, & zone out in the multiple dimensions that music can navigate.